One of Albuquerque’s Finest Golf Courses

Desert Greens Golf Course is nestled in a quiet neighborhood on Albuquerque’s Westside. Enjoy stunning views of the Sandia Mountains and Downtown Albuquerque as you enjoy the challenge of our beautifully manicured 140-acre course.

Desert Greens is Going Green

Historically, Desert Greens has been a conventional parkland course, featuring grass on all parts of the course. Unfortunately, keeping that much grass lush in the desert requires more water than is responsible to consume. In order to be more environmentally-friendly and reduce maintenance and waste, we are transitioning to a semi-desert-style course that features:

  • Xeriscaping
  • Crusher fine driving range
  • Quieter, more fuel efficient golf carts
  • Trash and recycling bins at every hole an in Players

Our greens will remain grass, perfectly manicured to ensure the speed you expect at Desert Greens.

Enjoy a Challenge

Although Albuquerque is relatively flat, Desert Greens Golf Course delivers quite a challenge. Our course gently slopes from west to east, yet the course design may cause the ball to break up hill. Many holes feature false fronts, and tree lines and bunkers adjacent to the greens demand skill.

Improve Your Game

If you feel your game is not up to par, Desert Greens offers a number of ways to improve your golf skills, including:

Golf lessons are available for individual Players as young as six as well as small groups.

Tee Times and Tournaments

Desert Greens is open year-round. Check our hours and pricing for 9- and 18-hole rounds, and call to schedule your tee time (scheduled at 8-minute intervals).

If you would like to host your benefit golf tournament at Desert Greens, please contact our head pro Dean Lacoursiere for pricing and organization information.

Call Desert Greens Golf Course for tee times or contact us for tournament information.

The only privately owned public golf course in Albuquerque